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Just like the movies - jewellery inspired by the latest cinematic releases

The autumn and winter season is always a time for huge cinematic releases and 2014 has got some fab films hitting the big screen. As the weather gets colder, people will be making the most of a chance to sit in, eat some snacks and watch the latest movies.

But films don't just provide some light entertainment for a couple of hours. More and more films are starting to have an influence on the world of fashion, with many trends emerging from the themes of certain releases. It would seem that the world of fashion is now linked to Hollywood more than ever.

So what blockbusters are set to be leading the charge when it comes to film-inspired jewellery during the new season?

The Hunger Games: The Mockingjay Part One

2014 sees the release of the latest installment to the Hunger Games saga. Fans have been waiting a long time to see what is going to happen next to the movie's heroine, Katniss Everdeen - played by Jennifer Lawrence - while those that have read the books wait with baited breath to see how the pages play out on the big screen.

While the most recognisable token from all of the Hunger Games films so far has been Katniss' mockingjay pin, other elements of the movies have had a larger impact on fashion.

One of the biggest trends that could be attributed to the success of the films - and Katniss' ability to shoot almost anything with her bow - is arrow jewellery. Arrows have been sneaking into styles for the past few months but are set to be a big part of AW14.

They create really elegant looks, making a statement without being too ostentatious about it and are suitable for both formal and evening wear.

You can wear them in several different ways, including simple pendant necklaces, statement single earrings and subtle rings. However a great way to wear the arrow trend is on the season's favourite piece of jewellery - the bracelet.

Pieces like this worn gold arrow bracelet embody this trend perfectly and are a great way to look stylish while also showing your love for the Hunger Games films and books without being too obvious about it. 

The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies

Another massive film to be playing out on the big screen this autumn/winter season is the final installment to Peter Jackson's The Hobbit Trilogy. The Battle of Five Armies will follow the last leg of hobbit Bilbo Baggins' journey there and back again. It promises to be a huge hit and offer plenty of excitement.

Fans of the trilogy will know that it tells the story that comes before The Lord of the Rings - another huge hit for Jackson - and so has some focus placed on a magical golden ring that has a dark secret. This has meant that rings have been thrown into the spotlight and have been given a new lease of life for the season.

As well as simple rings - like this worn gold ring - that are inspired by the plain gold band of the One Ring, more statement pieces have become popular. 

Bright and large rings - such as this gold, turquoise and diamante ring - are being worn a lot right now. They can be worn on their own for a slightly less in-your-face look, or teamed with smaller rings adorning every finger of a single hand.

Rings are also doubling up as pendants, allowing one piece of jewellery to be worn as two, creating totally different looks.

Exodus: Gods and Kings

Set to be a huge release, Exodus: Gods and Kings stars Christian Bale and Aaron Paul - among other big names - and follows the story of how Moses helped to free the Israelite slaves in ancient Egypt.

As with anything set in ancient Egypt, the film is sure to show a lot of glitz, glam and gold among the richer characters, as well as a lot of geometric shapes. These are fashions that are brilliant for autumn and winter, when a brighter colour is needed to contrast with the darker palettes that tend to be popular during the colder months.

Rather than going full-on egyptian style, more modern geometric pieces are perfect for the new season. This statement gold geometric necklace is perfect for adding a bit of Egyptian style to your autumn look.

Alternatively, including pieces that have a lot of texture but a simple design is also perfect for fitting with this trend. This gold metal layered statement bracelet can be worn on its own or layered up with other...