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Painted glass: Coloured jewellery for dark autumn days

We are well into October now and the days are getting much shorter and gloomier. This coupled with the deeper shades of autumn fashion leads to everything getting much darker.

Luckily there are a few trends that can help to brighten your days and lighten up your wardrobe.

Even if you are loving the richer shades of clothing available right now, you can still include something more colourful within your look to make it more dynamic.

Coloured jewellery is a great option for brightening things up and can be teamed with deeper tones to contrast or enhance them.

Pieces like this red layered bead statement necklace are great for sticking to the on-trend colour palette for the season. You can wear this necklace with basic black to make it pop or layer it up with different red tones to create a textured style.

Alternatively, introduce multiple colours to your outfit to add a bit more interest and really keep everything bright.

This multi-tonal statement bracelet is a great choice and can be worn with other coloured pieces.