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Shop prices fall for 12th month

April saw shop prices fall for the 12th month in a row as shoppers made the most of promotions during the Easter period. 

New figures from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and Nielsen show that the rate of inflation dropped to 1.4 per cent in April from March's 1.7 per cent.

The non-food sector saw deflation fall from 3.2 per cent in March to 2.7 per cent in April, helping shoppers to take advantage of the new seasonal offerings from fashion retailers.

Price falls in food retail also aided shoppers, as the sector experienced the lowest rate of inflation since December 2006.

Helen Dickinson, BRC director general, said:  "Customers benefited from prices and promotions in their local supermarket as they stocked up for the Easter holidays.

"Retailers will continue to respond to cost conscious consumers by keeping prices down. We've also seen some excellent deals in clothing and footwear, electrical, furniture and flooring."