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Top eye makeup trends for SS15

It isn't just the right jewellery that will create the perfect on-trend look for SS15, you also want to take a look at what makeup is in fashion. 

There are a number of different makeup trends coming into play for the next few months, giving you plenty of opportunity to find one to suit your style.

With so many great beauty looks to choose from, here's a rundown of our favourite eye makeup trends for the summer:

All that glitters

Think 1970's disco diva and you're on the right track with this trend. This look is all about super glittery shadow that illuminates the eye area. You can go for fine dust glitter or ramp it up with a chunkier options that will reflect a lot of light.

Gold and silver shades make the trend wearable for the day, while bright jewel tones create a fun, statement style for night. 

This look really is about going big or going home, so cover as much of the eye area with glitter as you dare. Team with dark lashes and you're good to go.

Sunshine pastels

You might think that pastel eye shadow is all a bit 90s, but it is another look that has roots in the 1970s. This makes it a must for the season.

Think bright pastel shades - like pink, aqua, yellow and green - rather than nude tones. You can use single colours or mix a couple to create a real statement. 

Just remember that you should avoid putting it on too thick. Blend the edges to add more softness and frame the eyes in a more flattering way. Team with mascara only, as adding eyeliner will detract from the colour.

Coloured lines

If you can't live without your liner, this is the trend for you. Coloured eyeliner worn in traditional and more graphic ways was a big hit on the catwalk for SS15.

Typical black and white got switched out for pastels and bolder colours, which were used to create winged looks or abstract styles as well as in more typical ways.