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Trade alert: Be in the pink with rose gold-toned jewellery

If there's one trend in jewellery that keeps on giving, it's rose gold. You only need to scroll through your Instagram to see that it remains hugely popular as a great alternative to yellow and silver-toned metals, no matter what the time of year.

Despite this rise to prominence though, rose gold actually isn't a new thing. It was first a big phenomenon as far back as Victorian times, then again in the 1920s as the flappers embraced it.

However, it was the release of the rose gold iPhone back in 2007 that really brought it back onto the fashion map for millennials and made it a must-have hue for accessories.

Technically speaking, rose gold is a mixture of silver, gold and copper, which is where that rich, pinkish hue comes from. In non-gold items such as costume jewellery and home decor, manufacturers simply add a hint of orange to any red to bring out a rose gold glow.

Why we love rose gold

Perhaps thanks to the Instagram effect, rose gold now conveys luxury and opulence, but it is also very relaxing to look at.

As Mariza Scotch of luxury watchmaker Skagen explained: "It's a colour that brings a bit of exuberant elegance to the everyday. We think of rose gold as a warm and flattering colour, like the glow just before a sunset."

We love the sunset analogy and that's another good point: this is a flattering colour for every skin tone and it will work for autumn and winter just as well as it does for summer, meaning items purchased now can be enjoyed for months or even years to come.

Great for jewellery buyers

As fashion jewellery buyers, that's a very positive thing, because it means you can stock up and provide your customers with pieces they will be coveting. However, at the same time, it means your stock will have a long shelf life and can become part of your displays as we move through into the colder months too.

Here at Majique, we have plenty of rose gold-toned jewellery to start you off. We love this panther chain necklace with a hint of added sparkle, while this leather cord with rose gold-look discs is perhaps a little more everyday.

For simplicity and elegance, this rose gold chain with knot detail is perfect, as is this dainty gold bangle.

Rose gold offers up a new way to show off personality and good taste, so encourage your customers not just stick to it with their phones, but to mix it up with their jewellery too.