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Trade alert: Floral accessories are blooming this summer

When both Beyonce and Rihanna wear almost the same thing, you know it's a huge trend. In their case, it happened to be floral headdresses on the covers of US and UK Vogue respectively, but flowers are all over the fashion world right now.

As Accessories magazine pointed out, everything "from soft and dimensional petals to bold feminine prints" is absolutely in, meaning you don't have to channel your inner fairy to get in on the action.

We've noticed a penchant for all things floral too, with our Instagram feed flooded with happy, breezy floral prints. Notably, rejuvenated 90s design house Ghost has launched a collection full of flowers, while Topshop's floral skater dress and poppy minidress have both proved sellouts, a spokesperson told the Independent.

It's all part of an unabashedly feminine feel that has hit the catwalks and high street lately, with puff sleeves, flowers and Victoriana styles elbowing out urban-esque hoodies and trainers.

Founder of big fashion brand LoveShackFancy Rebecca Hessel Cohen told Harper's Bazaar she thinks it's down to women feeling that they can be confident and powerful, yet feminine at the same time.

"Now is a time when you can be all these things together - it's not about a power suit but instead about a flowy dress that exudes femininity and makes you feel dreamy, magical, sexy and powerful all in one," she explained.

Many women will already have been shopping for floral dresses amid the recent heatwave, but they are also likely to be carrying flowers over to the rest of their look and bringing in floral accessories too.

As jewellery buyers, that's where you can step in. A floral crown a la Beyonce isn't too practical for the workplace or even the weekend in real life, but a pretty pair of floral earrings or a necklace adorned with blooms can help to pull the trend together in a wearable way.

What's more, there are a range of price points and styles to provide your customers with. This cubic zirconia necklace would be great to put alongside an evening outfit, while this style with a gold tone and tassel detail offers a more hippy vibe, and this one in purple enamel is more bold.

We also have a whole host of floral earrings, including these beautiful silver-toned flower studs that would even work in the office.

Stock up on the floral trend with Majique and ensure you can offer your customers a garden of choice well into the late summer and autumn seasons.