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Trade alert: Get regal and copy the jewellery of Mary, Queen of Scots

Fashionistas often want to emulate their idols, and these style tips typically come from the social media icons of the 21st century.

However, anyone with an interest in costume jewellery might be keen on looking a little further back for inspiration - to the 16th century, to be exact.

That's because a new film about the life of Mary, Queen of Scots has become a box office hit and it includes glorious shots of her various regal costumes - and with them, the accessories she would have worn at the time.

To correspond with this biopic, which stars screen sensation Saoirse Ronan, the palace at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh has put on a special exhibition to showcase the jewellery owned and worn by the queen.

Among the pieces is an ornate brooch that was actually a gift from Mary to her friend and servant Mary Seton, which shows that she enjoyed jewellery enough to give it as presents to her nearest and dearest.

The brooch dates back to around 1580, when Queen Mary was a prisoner in England, and is a poignant reminder that this figure from history was once a thoughtful and very real person.

According to the palace, Mary took great pleasure in her extensive jewellery collection and brought many beautiful pieces back from France. She also inherited accessories from her family in Scotland, as well as sourcing her own throughout her life.

She owned rings, pendants, bracelets, earrings and much more, usually made from gold and enriched with bright colours emanating from rubies and emeralds.

One of her best-known pieces is a pendant made of gold and enamel, which is inscribed with the phrase 'vie et mort' and features a serpent to symbolise sin.

There is also a collection known as the Penicuik jewels built up of a necklace, locket and pendant that incorporate beautiful beading and filigree work and are believed to have once contained perfume.

If you sell costume jewellery, it's well worth thinking of timely pieces that you could add to your portfolio in order to capitalise on anything that's currently fashionable.

Replicas of historical jewellery are ideal, as they will also look classic once the event in question has passed.

For instance, Majique has a range of brooches in stock featuring cameos, which would look great pinned to a lacy black dress.

We also have a unique brooch with a serpent - for anyone who likes the connection to Mary's to ward off sin - and a selection of bracelets with sentiments emblazoned upon them.

We love this one with 'life is a blessing', which we think is very regal and Mary-like.

Take a look and remember to add pictures from the movie to any promotional material you create alongside your campaign.