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Trade alert: It's a 90s revival as hair accessories make a comeback

We've been mining the 90s for fashion trends a lot recently, but it's fair to say that it has been more for clothing than for jewellery - until now.

If you love accessories (and as jewellery buyers, we know you do), then it's time to rejoice, because one big 90s fad is back with a vengeance: hair slides, clips and anything else you can use to adorn your tresses.

We're super-excited about this, because we always saw decorative clips and slides (sometimes called barettes in the fashion pages if they're American) as an excellent way of incorporating even more jewellery into an outfit.

They can also have the effect of jazzing up something that's otherwise quite ordinary if you're going out or simply want to look a little fancy.

Crystal hair jewellery in particular was huge news on the 2019 runways, with Ashley Williams opting to showcase hair slides that spelt out words like 'free' and even 'weirdo'. There were monogrammed clips at Max Mara, and Chanel dazzled with blingy slides placed at the back of models' top knots, while Alexander Wang demonstrated crocodile clips on slicked-back twists.

Off the catwalks, there have been lots of hair accessories showing up on our Insta feeds, with Ariana Grande a notable celeb who's into this kind of jewellery.

We've seen plenty of sparkle here, but also more classic styles and materials like pearls added to slides, meaning there will be something to suit every outfit and occasion.

Hair accessories are a really fast and simple way to update your usual look, plus if they're added to an updo, they mean you won't have to spend ages taming those tresses each morning: just throw your hair into a bun, stick in some strategically-placed slides and you'll look instantly polished.

If you're a jewellery buyer on the lookout for cheap accessories to add to your store stock, then hair jewellery could be ideal this winter.

As ever, we have plenty to browse through at Majique under the subheading 'hair', including this beautiful sparkly rose.

Our dazzling corsage style is a dead ringer for some of the designer pieces we've been seeing around too, so it's sure to be popular ahead of party season.

Also, check out our crystal headbands for another twist on the look. Headbands were huge in the 90s, so it may be that they're primed for a revival alongside slides - and you'll be ahead of the game if you stock up now!