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Trade alert: Plastic accessories can look fantastic

Forget sparkly diamantes and metal jewellery this year: plastic is where it's at. We're currently seeing lots of vinyl, resin and acrylic products on our high streets, whether they're fashion items or homewares.

As Accessories magazine pointed out, "opaque or clear, plastic or resin accessories are the materials to grab", which has resulted in a plethora of sunglasses, bags and other items being snapped up by fashionistas.

This won't come as a surprise to regular readers of these pages. Back in January, we reported that the big fashion shows in New York and Paris for SS18 had featured PVC, Perspex or acrylic from brands as big as Burberry, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

Now, this trend is panning out and our Insta feeds are full of plastic eyewear and particularly plastic handbags.

There are reusable plastic water bottles as seen on Love Island, plastic glittery headbands as worn by Kylie Jenner and a whole range of wearable plastic products from Ziploc (yep, the food bag people).

Helen Mirren has even been in on the act, wearing plastic shoes and noting how they lengthened her legs for the evening.

Unfortunately, we haven't yet seen any of the plastic, inflatable bags that some members of our team remember carrying c. 1999, but we suppose every trend has to have an update when it comes around again.

In fact, that 90s nostalgia also has a nod back to the 1960s, when designers like Pierre Cardin and André Courrèges made plastic monochrome minidresses with matching baker boy hats.

Of course, many people won't want to wear plastic all over and so are likely to buy accessories if they simply want a nod to the trend. For one thing, a plastic necklace won't make you sweaty like a plastic coat or skirt.

As jewellery buyers, that's where you can step in to ensure you have the pieces people will be looking for.

We've got plenty in stock here at Majique, starting with our full range of acrylic necklaces here.

To pick out a few items individually, look out for this green chain link necklace that's a dupe for some of the big designer brands and will also take the wearer through from summer into autumn thanks to its earthy tones.

We also love this blue beaded necklace in pale blue for any end-of-summer events, particularly when worn with pastels.

Earrings-wise, these will make a real statement and are colourful enough for summer holidays, while these black ones are an ideal alternative to sparkle for evening and won't break the bank should one get lost.