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Rita Ora lets her jewellery do the talking

How many times have you been running late when getting ready for a night out and still been in your bathrobe when you should have been meeting your mates? It's happened to us many times, we know it's happened to you - and we've now got a sneaking suspicion it happened to Rita Ora this week, too.

What makes us say this? Well, it was the MTV Europe Music Awards this weekend and the occasion marked the first time in 21 years that London has been the venue. The star-studded line-up was announced way in advance and music fans had long been excited about upcoming performances from the likes of Eminem and Liam Payne.

Rita Ora was the hostess, and while we were expecting some eye-catching choices of outfit on the night from the singer, we didn't quite expect to see her in a towelling bathrobe and turban. Because that's what she turned up in for her first look. Yes, really.

Apparently, the robe was designed by Palomo Spain and it was very soft-looking and nice, but to us, it was still loungewear that you pop on while applying your make up and jewellery and deciding what on earth you're going to wear as your real outfit.

That's why we're convinced the star just ran out of time to get dressed and decided to make a fashion statement out of not being ready to stand in front of all the world's cameras. Strike a pose and nobody will ever know!

One thing we were impressed with, though, was Rita's dazzling jewellery. She really went all out on the accessories front, draping layers of sparkling necklaces around her neck and adding chandelier earrings for extra impact.

We love this style for a night out and we've got some great pieces of bling here at Majique. We recommend this layered diamante necklace, which can be teamed with these really big cubic zirconia earrings or these pretty chandeliers.

We'll leave it up to you as to whether you want to bother teaming them with a dress or simply a dressing gown.

Rita did eventually get dressed and went on to sport a range of different outfits for the ceremony, but it'll no doubt be this one that we remember.