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How to stand out on New Year's Eve

It's hard to believe that Christmas is now over for another year. But as we enjoy looking at our presents during the time we like to think of as Crimbo Limbo - and wearing the new stuff we received - it's worth remembering that the festivities aren't over yet: New Year's Eve lies ahead of us.

If you're someone who really enjoys this huge party night and made your plans for December 31st long ago, then the chances are that this includes what you'll be wearing. However, we know that many of you might still be struggling when it comes to your wardrobe.

With no other night like it and everyone out to shine, how can you ensure your look is impressive and stands out enough to be social media-worthy? How can you ensure you don't end up wishing you chose something else once you're out?

In case you're still trying to choose an outfit or are having a last-minute rethink on your original options, we thought we'd put together some quick bits of advice that might help you to make a decision - and to stand out as the hours wind down to midnight.

Sparkle like a disco ball

There can be times when you stand in front of the mirror and wonder if what you're wearing is too much for a simple night out down the pub, but it's safe to say that this doesn't apply on NYE.

Assume that nothing is too much and go for all-out sparkle; the disco ball is your inspiration for one night only. Team chandelier earrings with a really blingy necklace and match it up with shimmering eyeshadow for maximum impact when it comes to your accessories, then opt for your most sparkly dress and shoes.

There aren't many times when you can get away with being so OTT, so make the most of it!

Choose something other than a dress

Almost everyone will be considering a little black dress or a variation on it, so it's time to go for something different. Have you had a jumpsuit hanging in your wardrobe that you've never quite dared to bring out? Now's the time to let it do its thing.

You could also dress up a pair of trousers such as printed cigarette pants with a fancy top - don't feel that trousers aren't showy enough for New Year's Eve.

And there's always the androgynous tuxedo look favoured by some of the classiest celebs, which can look so cool and dramatic. Add a satin camisole under your blazer, or go completely without if you're feeling brave (and the fastener on your jacket is completely reliable!). Just add a statement necklace like a silver collar and get ready to turn heads.

Layer up the bling

We've already said that you should aim for sparkle, but it's also worth pointing out that you shouldn't be afraid to wear more than one thing that shimmers and shines. For instance, if you've got a silver dress covered in sequins, then you can still add a little bolero jacket with silver bling. 

Just make sure that the additional items are variations on the same theme - so don't put gold sequins on top of the frock and then accessorise with rose gold, as it'll look like you've run through your wardrobe covered in glue. Stick to one hue for best effect.

Resurrect the summer

Because it's winter, everything in the shops is geared towards jewel tones and thick fabrics such as velvet and brocade. However, if you want to stand out, wear something bright and punchy like you would in the warmer months.

You can always add opaque tights or long boots and a jacket if you think it appears a little too 'out of season', but this is great fun and a really different way to give your mood a boost.

Just add a pair of bright-coloured earrings and you'll be good to go.

Be daring

Like we've already mentioned, NYE is a fantastic time for getting away with looks that you wouldn't normally be able to pull off. This includes those items that you've bought and stuffed in the back of the wardrobe because they're too daring and you haven't had the nerve to wear them in public.

Got a dress with a thigh-high split? Rock it with confidence! Had something completely backless for ages? Now's the time to get it out!

Just accessorise to the max and act like you wear this kind of thing all the time if you're going to try to pull a daring look off - this is no time to be a nervous wallflower.

Hopefully this has given you a little bit of inspiration and the...