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Majique's favourite looks from the Oscars

Last night's (Sunday, February 26th) Oscars may not have been as smooth as previous years after the wrong movie was announced as winning best picture, but at least the fashion was on point. Stars galore walked the red carpet in an array of glittering gowns that had us wishing for their budgets.

From full ball gowns to modern minis, there was a mix of styles but everyone looked glamorous and gorgeous. While the parade of dresses was certainly pretty, there were a few celebs who really stood out at the Academy Awards.

Here are Majique's top fashion picks at the Oscars and how to get the looks:

Emma Stone

She won the coveted best actress gong for her role in La La Land and Emma Stone also walked away with the best dressed award, as far as we're concerned. The star wore a beautiful gold gown that perfectly suited her pale complexion and golden-red tresses. 

Her fitted dress had a touch of the 1920s about it in the simple cut and fringed skirt, but the heavy detailing in different shades of gold throughout it added a modern touch that kept the look relevant. The Givenchy gown used patterns to highlight Emma's figure rather than making the dress too tight, with delicate details flowing over her hips and waist.

Working the Old Hollywood glamour, Emma's hair was styled in soft vintage waves, with the right side pulled back behind her ear. She also opted for a subtle gold smoky eye teamed with the perfect shade of vintage red on her lips. 

When it came to jewellery, the La La Land actress kept it simple so as not to overpower her glitzy dress. She wore a pair of long drop earrings that featured a couple of tassels to emulate the bottom of her skirt. These were shown off by the style of her hair and framed her face beautifully. She also wore a couple of diamond rings that helped to balance out the ensemble without overdoing it. 

To get Emma's style, team your gold dress with our silver and gold layered tassel earrings.

Charlize Theron

It seems that no matter what the event, Charlize Theron will look amazing when she attends and this year's Oscars were no different. While she wasn't up for any nods this year, Charlize didn't let that stop her outshining others on the red carpet in her stunning antique gold Dior gown.

Her dress had a Grecian style to it, with triangular straps leading to a plunging neckline and cinched waist that was contrasted with a full skirt. This was a slight break away from her usual penchant for fitted gowns, but it suited the actress' figure perfectly.

The dark gold colour was achieved by layering a light black tulle over metallic gold fabric that had a crinkle effect. This added a lot of texture and gave a gradient effect to the colour of her gown as the tulle fell in waves throughout the skirt.

Charlize added more sparkle to her ensemble with her white and gold box clutch, but it was her pair of white gold and crystal statement earrings that were the cherry on top of a perfect outfit. The large earrings framed her face and were shown off perfectly by her slick up-do. Similar to our silver crystal chandelier earrings, Charlize's jewellery added an extra touch of glamour.

Karlie Kloss

In comparison to many of the heavily-detailed dresses on the Oscars red carpet, Karlie Kloss chose a more simple route. The model wore a pure white dress that showed off her figure incredibly well and made her look as though she was about ready to walk the runway.

Her floor-length white gown was perfectly fitted to show off her frame, while the slit at the back ensured her silver stiletto heels were displayed as she walked. The top of the dress was simple, with just a high circular neckline and sleeveless design.

However, the dress also came with a floor-length cape that hung over her right shoulder, creating a modern asymmetrical look that helped to take the simple white gown to the next level. 

Ensuring the dress looked as glam as possible, Karlie also opted for soft vintage waves when it came to her hair, which was pulled behind her left ear to display a dazzling pair of flower-shaped diamond stud earrings that looked similar to our cubic zirconia flower stud earrings. The model also wore a matching choker style necklace that featured flowers and worked even with her high neckline.

Completing her look, Karlie wore soft bronze tones...