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Anne-Marie embodies Old Hollywood at the Brits

Last night (Wednesday, 23rd February) saw the stars of the music world descend on London for the annual Brit Awards. While not every part of the show went to plan - we all saw one of Katy Perry's dancers fall of the stage - and not all the outfits were particularly red carpet-suited, there were some celebs who looked incredible.

We particularly like the Old Hollywood glamour of singer Anne-Marie's outfit. The English songstress looked absolutely stunning in a blush pink dress that was perfectly fitted to show off her curves.

The simple cut of the gown was stylish and flattering but not too over-the-top for the awards, which are typically more relaxed than it's film counterparts. Her dress ended mid-calf and had a wide V-neck with spaghetti straps that added a modern element.

Increasing the glamour factor even more, Ann-Marie wrapped herself if a large shawl that featured matching fabric on the outside and baby blue faux fur on the inside. Not only was this a fun modern take on a classic, the faux fur added a texture contrast that worked really well.

More texture was introduced through her feathered heels and pink glittery box clutch, which worked really well and didn't unbalance the outfit. 

Anne-Marie complemented her dress by opting for soft shades throughout her makeup. She wore a soft pink lipstick and slight smoky eyeshadow look, which was incredibly pretty. Her ash blonde hair had a severe side parting and was worn loose with plenty of volume. 

This hair style ensured that the singer's earrings were easy to spot, although the sheer size of them meant they were hard to miss. She wore a pair of silver and crystal chandelier earrings that were similar to our silver and glass crystal statement earrings

She teamed these with a chunky silver choker necklace that had a large crystal in the middle. This was a great throwback to more classic styles but with a modern twist and we loved it.

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