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Thandie updates her floral look with glitter

Florals are always a good idea for spring, but so is wearing them in a slightly different way. Updating your floral look is an important part of fashion for SS17 and is something that actress Thandie Newton knows all about.

Thandie attended a screening of her hit show Westworld in Hollywood on Saturday (March 25th) wearing a gorgeous floral ensemble that was something different from a typical sundress. 

The actress wore a sheer long-sleeved blouse that featured a pattern of flowers and colourful tropical birds. However, it was her skirt that really caught our eye as it combined traditional floral prints with plenty of glitter.

Combining two of the hottest trends this season, the star wore a pencil-style skirt that fell halfway down her calf. Not only was the slightly fitted design perfect for showing off her slim figure, it was covered in pale pink glitter to really catch the light as she walked the red carpet.

Embroidered floral motifs were placed across the skirt in a mix of colours, which contrasted wonderfully with the sparkle of the glitter and combined modern and traditional in a flawless way. 

Continuing the pink theme, Thandie opted for a pair pastel pink strappy heels, creating a stunning summer look.

She went heavier with her makeup, however, wearing a dark smoky eye with a metallic sheen that added a sultry edge to her light ensemble. This was teamed with a metallic bronze lip that really suited her skin tone.

Thandie wore her hair up in a high ponytail, which showed off her stunning gold earrings. Unusually, she wore gold earrings in the shape of beetles, which worked with her floral ensemble and really caught the eye. She teamed these with a pair of diamond stud earrings for some extra sparkle.

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We can definitely see Thandie inspiring some fun and fabulous looks with this outfit!

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