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What to buy your trendy little sister for Christmas

We hate to tell you, but Christmas is sneaking up on us. By the end of the week, we'll be in December, which means that you need to start thinking about what presents you're going to buy (if you haven't already because you're super-organised and therefore more saintly than us).

However, even if you have been diligently writing down ideas for several weeks now, the chances are that there's someone on your list who's really hard to buy for. And, after chatting here at Majique HQ, we've discovered that it's very often younger sisters who prove to be a nightmare in the presents stakes.

We don't know about yours, but ours are trend-conscious, super-fashionable, very discerning and likely to want something they can show off on Instagram within seconds of opening it. Like we said: nightmare.

What can you possibly buy? Even if you go for jewellery, how can you ensure you choose something suitable and not a piece that they'll snub for being too frumpy or generic or whatever scathing adjective younger sisters favour right now?

If this is your quandary this week, stop panicking. We're here to help you by rounding up a selection of appropriate jewellery that won't break the bank but will give you maximum brownie points. Read on for our top picks for sisters.

1. Statement stacking rings

Rings that you can stack have been so hot his year and it's something that shows no sign of abating. These have sparkly diamantes, while this pretty style is geometric and therefore incorporates another big trend. Here's another geometric look that she can also wear as a signet on her little finger, something all the celebs have been doing.

2. Chain links

So many beautiful necklaces have incorporated chains this year and it's a look that can work for daytime or evening. It's best if you can get links that are as chunky as possible for an up-to-date finish, just like this one.

3. Ear climbers

Another lasting trend has been for ear cuffs or climbers, which start from a stud and then work their way across and up the ear lobe for a bohemian feel. These are ideal for party girls, so might be the ideal stocking filler if your sister likes to spend her weekends in all the coolest bars. We love these pretty ones, which have plenty of added sparkle.

4. Mismatched earrings

If you've seen girls walking around with different earrings in each ear, don't assume they got dressed in a hurry and made a mistake. Mismatched earrings are supposed to be like that and it's the latest thing in all the fashion magazines. We've got these at Majique, or these if you want a particular shape on each one.

5. Chokers

Designers including Chanel, Saint Laurent and Oscar de la Renta have been championing chokers, which are an update on the hugely popular style from the 1990s. This style would fit with the remit and also has a star (another trend), while this one revisits the tattoo look but with a fresh take on it.

6. Tassels

No longer solely seen on your nana's pouffe, tassels are having a moment and can be seen on all types of jewellery at the minute. Take a look at Majique's page full here, or shop for individual earrings here and a necklace here.

7. Sweet inscriptions

We've moving away from the trendy and into the sentimental here, but it is Christmas after all. We've got plenty of items in stock that have moving inscriptions and some of them actually focus on sisters - perfect!

This necklace is really sweet, while this one is simpler. You...