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Make a statement this season with big earrings

We love to use earrings to finish off an outfit - but this season, it seems very much as though the world's biggest fashionistas are selecting them as a starting point instead.

Look at the AW17 catwalk news and you'll see there has been a veritable explosion of statement earrings, from chandeliers that reach the shoulders to large geometric styles in bold colours.

The influencers on the front rows were also sporting them, so you can expect to start seeing this type of piece make its way onto your Instagram feeds very soon if you haven't already.

Not since the 1980s have we seen fashion give such a huge nod to the earring and we love it - although it's probably for the best that the bubble perm to go with them stayed in the archives.

There are so many different looks and styles to choose from that when you do decide to go large with this type of accessory, you can fill your jewellery box and have a whole host of options as you get dressed each morning.

You can make a start with a scaled-up hoop earring in yellow gold tones, like these, which tend to suit almost everyone and will really flatter your facial features.

If you want funky retro, don't miss the opportunity to go for something acrylic in a pop of colour like cerise - rewatch some of our favourite 1980s movies if you want further inspiration on this.

And if you're not sure on colour, just choose an earring in a hue that you would already wear in clothing. If it suits you in T-shirt form, it'll no doubt look good in jewellery too.

For evenings out and date nights, be a show-stopper in a chandelier made from darker tones, like these pretty earrings that would look amazing with a black velvet dress.

The great thing about a statement earring is that you don't need to make too much of an effort with the rest of your look, so they're ideal for those mornings when you'd just prefer an extra ten minutes in bed before work.

Keep your hair simple too with something like a chic ponytail to really show off those accessories to the max and you'll have the trend down in no time.