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How to wear: Springtime scarves

You might think that now winter is over, you have no need for scarves. However, with the 1970s-inspired trend being the main focus of SS15, you can make the most of Majique's colourful scarf collection.

Scarves tend to be a handy extra layer to have, even in spring, as the weather hasn't quite reached the warmth of summer. But this isn't the only reason you should ensure you have some scarves in key shades for SS15. They can also serve as the ultimate accessory for the season because they are so versatile.

So how exactly can you wear scarves for spring?

Neck scarves

This is the classic way to wear scarves and really does work great with 50s or 70s looks. Rather than use larger sized scarves as you would during winter, select shorter lengths.

This will allow you to create a look like a choker necklace, tied around the neck with a small bow to either side. This retro look is ideal for wearing with any style top, from scoop-neck tees to buttondown shirts.

It is also great for injecting a splash of colour, pattern and texture into simpler outfits, allowing you to contrast with your outfit or pick out a key shade.

Hair scarves

Another great look is to wear your scarf as a hair accessory, which works whether you have long or short hair, or if you're wearing it up or down. 

Start by twisting your scarf to make a band in your desired thickness. Put the scarf under your hair so the middle is centre with the back of your head. Then simply run the scarf to the front of your head, joining the ends in a small bow that is slightly off centre. 

Alternatively, you can cross the ends over and bring them back around your head, securing them in place with hair grips. This creates a complete band that works well for mid-to-long length hair.

Head scarves

This creates a slightly different look to a hair scarf and is a great, easy way to put your hair up. It creates a totally retro look that is perfect if you're a lover of rockabilly style.

Use a square scarf folded in half to create a triangle. This should go under your hair, with the middle of the scarf in the centre - just as with the hair scarf. Bring either side up to the front or your head and hold them in place before bringing the point of the triangle up over the top of your head, making sure all your hair is tucked in.

Hold this in place by tucking around the two ends before you tie them into a bow or a knot - you can put the ends under the scarf to hide them. If you want to go for a full retro look, don't tie the scarf at the very front of your head, instead tie it further back and leave the front section free for some victory rolls or a bumper fringe.


Rather than having to buy a new handbag, why not just add a splash of colour to your existing one with a bright scarf? This means you can change your look quickly and easily without having to empty your handbag.

You can either tie your scarf around the end of one of the handles of your handbag. You can do this in a bow or in a loose knot, leaving the ends to dangle.

Another way to decorate your bag is to twist your scarf around the handle of your bag, which adds colour but keeps it out of the way. You can even use a couple of different scarves together to create a really bright look.

So, don't pack away your winter scarves as we head into spring, experiment with how you can wear them in the new season and get the most out of your accessories.