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Metallic madness: The perfect gold and silver jewellery for spring

While bright colours and pastel shades may be ideal for spring wardrobes, there is one style that never goes out of fashion. 

Metallic jewellery looks good no matter what, with gold and silver tones serving as staples of our jewellery boxes. This is for a very good reason; after all, you want to look good no matter what colour you're wearing and these two tones can make that happen.

The effortless colours are ideal for day and night, making them two of the most versatile choices you can opt for.

So exactly how should you be wearing them this season?

Big and bold

Here at Majique, we love a good statement necklace and it is still one of the best ways to wear gold.

Ideal for adding a bit of glitter to more subtle outfits, including monochrome and pastel shades, gold statement necklaces - like this gold modern statement necklace - are an ideal choice. The simple style works alongside subtle looks without completely overshadowing them.

Statements aren't just made by necklaces though, as pieces like this silver floral statement ring show that smaller items can be just as bold. You can either wear statement rings singularly or rock this season's top trend of multiple rings for a more eye-catching look.

Simple and elegant

While detailed statements are a fab choice, it has to be said that there is beauty in simplicity. With ornate patterns being a big favourite of the high street and catwalk, simple gold and silver jewellery can allow you to sparkle without your outfit ending up a bit much.

Elegant lines - like those seen on this silver collar necklace - and subtle detail can complement a patterned ensemble without unbalancing it.

You might also want to choose small pieces of jewellery just to add a touch of glitz without going over-the-top. Simple pieces like these gold stud earrings will look great with anything and will still allow you to sparkle.