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Trade alert: Give your mood a boost with some cosy autumn styling

With the weather mostly getting cooler now (aside from the odd 20-degree blip) and the leaves turning some wonderful colours before drifting to the ground, there's no denying that autumn is definitely here.

Unfortunately, this can prove to be something of a downer for many of us. Even with the pretty foliage, autumn can be a time when we struggle to adapt to the darker nights, hit by an onslaught of germs and reminded of the fact that Christmas is still a distant speck in the horizon (yet our summer hols feel ages ago too).

Natural light does have an effect on our Circadian rhythms and hormone levels, so it's unsurprising that many people can start to suffer from the autumn blues right about now.

However, we're here to insist that autumn should be embraced - and that you should see it as a glorious style opportunity. And, since Bill Cunningham once said that "fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life", you might find that your sartorial choices have the welcome effect of boosting your mood, too.

Instead of dwelling on how great summer was and how chilly you feel now, feel grateful for the opportunity to wear cosy flannel pyjamas and snuggle up with a good book and a glass of wine in the evenings.

Make dates with friends to walk through crisp leaves at the weekend, feel the wind blow away your problems and enjoy hot chocolate in a restful country pub afterwards.

And of course, treat yourself to something new and colourful for your wardrobe so that a splash of a rich hue can brighten your day as you go about your everyday life.

Jewellery buyers will want to build this mood of what the Danish call 'Hygge' in their displays to tempt customers with cosiness as well as creating it for themselves, so rest assured that we've got you covered with autumnal accessories here at Majique.

These beautiful drop earrings in a rich brown would look great against this season's mustards and rusty oranges, while these with stylised leaves are going to be fab once the first touch of frost touches the foliage on the ground.

We also love this necklace in a tiger's eye-like brown for teaming with a cream polo neck and brown cord A-line skirt.

Finally, don't miss these earrings in an almost tortoiseshell effect - fashionistas are going to be snapping them up to wear with this season's ubiquitous teddy bear coat, so you might want to build up your stock.

We hope we've convinced you not to have a dampener on autumn and to see it as a season to be thankful for.