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Trade alert: How to make unique style a summer breeze

We all know celebrities who sell magazines and generate social media buzz because they have a style all of their own. Frome Kate Moss to Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins to Anna Wintour, some people shun what's fashionable in favour of what will make them, individually, look fabulous.

It's tempting to want to follow every trend that crops up, but it's more important to be able to ensure your outfits fit in with your own life, allowing you to appear pulled-together whatever life throws at you.

That's style: being confident and capable in what you're wearing - and, if you happen to make a good impression because of that, then it's a bonus. To paraphrase Oscar de la Renta, style is about being yourself, not following everyone else.

Stylish people know what they like and what will look good on them. As jewellery buyers, you can capitalise on this by catering for customers who might be trying to build outfits within their own style, or adopting a fresh look thanks to changes in their lives. Here are a few tips on how.

Make style icon mood boards

Social media is a great form of inspiration for fashion and style, especially Pinterest and Instagram. If you have a shop, though, it doesn't mean you miss out on all this. Create printed mood boards of your favourite style icons and put them up instead of mannequins alongside your collections that feature similar pieces.

If you spotted Meghan Markle wearing a great dress with gorgeous accessories, put her picture up and stock up on similar fashion jewellery that will allow people to see how it might work on them, for example.

Suggest lifestyle and goal tips

A great way to know how to dress is to think about what persona you want to present to the world. Are you a hipster or retro chick, or do you look professionally put-together at all times?

By encouraging your customers to think about this and taking it into account yourself, you'll find it easier to make purchase suggestions when it comes to their jewellery.

You could put together a picture of a Manhattan city girl or a cool, sporty mum, for instance - and then show off how the outfit is collated and finished off with accessories.

Always big up the jewellery

Accessories are great for anyone who wants a style update, as they can completely alter the way an outfit looks. Even a plain white T-shirt can be jazzed up with a cool choker, meaning your customers won't have to spend a lot of money to get an instant, feel-good fashion revamp.

This is something you can easily show off in your stores or online, perhaps using 'one necklace, three ways to wear' suggestions to highlight particular collections.

To start you off, we love these dangly earrings with brown stones, which would perfectly complement this bangle with a smoky brown quartz-like jewel.
These studs made up of circles are also really different, as is this multi-strand silver bangle with lots of different-coloured stones.

You can't go wrong with a cocktail ring either, and this green one with a gold-tone setting could be worn with a multitude of outfits.

There are lots of pieces available via Majique that will help your customers show off their unique style, so why not take a look this summer?