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Trade alert: What to suggest your customers wear for a summer of love

There's just something about summer that makes you feel as though romance is in the air. Perhaps it's because it's warm enough to actually go out (as opposed to sitting for endless evenings in front of the fire), or maybe it's the way the sunshine makes everyone feel so relaxed - either way, there seems to be a lot more people going on dates at this time of year than in winter.

However, summer can present its own challenges in terms of what exactly to wear on date nights, whether they're with a prospective new partner or your spouse on a much-anticipated evening escape.

As Miuccia Prada once said, "fashion is instant language" - and you want your outfit to say effortless yet stylish and gorgeous.

Jewellery buyers can capitalise on this eternal struggle by putting together outfit ideas alongside their portfolio of accessories for sale, thereby helping customers to see just what might suit them and their personality.

Here are a few tips on potential shop displays, which will work both online and in-store.

Don't forget practicality

It's been hot on a whole new scale this summer, so show off thin-yet-not-see-through fabrics that will keep your customers cool while still looking good. Similarly, point out that palazzo pants, maxi skirts, A-line dresses and kaftan tops in cotton or linen will be breathable and non-clingy on hot skin.

Account for all environments

Remember that not everyone will be going on a date in a hot club, so show off some fabulous outfits and accessories that will work for a picnic by the river or a stroll around a museum. Remember to add cute cardigans or pashminas in case the date goes on into the small (and therefore much cooler) hours.

Suggest ideas for different personalities

We don't all like to wear the same things, and your customers will be no different. They'll want to show off their personality through their style on a date night, so make suggestions on how they might do this. To break it down further, here are a few ideas on how you might do this.

1. Smart and seductive

For the girl who wants to really dress up, a little black dress with heels will always hit the right notes. Pair it with a blazer for later and equally smart fashion jewellery, like this mixed metal geometric necklace as an alternative to sparkle for the summer months.

2. Hippy chic

If your customers are hippy, earth mother-types, they'll probably be most at ease in sweeping maxi dresses in jersey fabrics with gladiator sandals. Keep the outfit from being too laid-back with a great necklace, like this one that looks as though it might have come from a beach in Thailand. These earrings will also look great against a messy updo.

3. Quirky personalities

For the gal that doesn't like to conform, an LBD won't cut it, so suggest an on-trend tweed skirt teamed with a printed or slogan tee and sporty kicks or unusual heels. This outfit will be perfectly complemented by a necklace like this, with a windmill-like flower to be that little bit different.

4. Cute and preppy

Some women can really pull off an all-American preppy style for daytime, but it can easily work for summer dates too. Tailored linen or chino shorts and a crisp white shirt along with canvas pumps will suit this style, finished off with understated studs like these flowers.

5. Fashionista

?Carrie Bradshaw types will probably already have a date night outfit sorted, but you can still help them when it comes to accessories by putting together colours they might not have thought of or showing off a real statement piece. These earrings, for instance, will look amazing against a bright yellow dress.

We've got lots more ideas at Majique, so head to our website, stock up and ensure your customers are never stumped over what to wear in a summer of love again.