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Your best feature: Drawing the eye to your best bits: Part two

If you're looking to make a statement of your favourite feature, you want to ensure you have all bases covered. 

While a great outfit can help and makeup allows your top feature to stand out more, you can also use jewellery alongside these - or even on its own - to really make your best bits pop.

Part one of this guide looked at the types of jewellery that could help draw focus to your eyes, whether you're opting for dramatic eye makeup or not. 

This part of the guide will take a look at the right jewellery for helping to draw attention to another asset, your lips. 

While bright lip colours - especially reds - can make a feature of your lips and help you to cultivate a sensual look, they aren't suited to everyone.

If you have very large lips, bold shades can actually be too much, while thin lips will simply end up looking smaller if you paint them with a bright lipstick. 

Instead of risking a makeup meltdown and drawing attention to this area of your face for all the wrong reasons, you can use jewellery to highlight your lips whether you have gone for a coloured lipstick, glossy shine or nude sheen.

While sparkling or coloured stud earrings can help show off your eyes, dangling chandelier earrings can pull focus to your lips.

The easiest way to do this is to choose a pair of dangling earrings that line up with your jaw or with your bottom lip. This will frame your lips, so the eye travels from the jewellery along to your pout.

It doesn't matter what style you choose, so long as there is sparkle on them to create this line.

You can further the effect by matching the colour of your jewellery to your lips. This means earrings in ruby shades will form a connection with crimson lips. 

However, you don't want to wear a strong coloured stone if you are not using a statement shade on your pout.     

When in doubt, simply choose silver or gold sparkles, as these will always make a statement and draw the eye.

You should also make sure that if you're trying to highlight your lips, you keep any eye makeup reasonably subtle. Trying to make a feature of both can be a bit too much.