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Hat Pins

Let's bring back the humble hatpin

You might think of hatpins as something from a bygone era, when ladies were even more immaculately turned out than they are in the age of Instagram.
However, we're here to argue in favour of a hatpin comeback - not only because they're great for keeping hats in place at occasions like weddings, but also because they're an excellent piece of jewellery in their own right (and who doesn't want an excuse to wear more jewellery?).
Hatpins started to grow in popularity in around 1880, when bonnets with strings gave way to hats without, and by the 1910s - when extravagant updos were en vogue - they were positively booming.
They died out in around 1925 with the advent of cloche hats, and designs from back then are now true collector's items.
However, at Majique, we're one of the few wholesale costume jewellery retailers in the UK to continue to offer newly-made hatpins, because we think they're quirky and fabulous.
As a jewellery retailer yourself, you could really stand out by having hatpins available on your shop floor, especially if they're artfully arranged in a pretty jar. Offering guides on how to wear them, which you can create using tips from resources such as the Vixen Vintage blog, could be another good way of generating interest.
If you want to check ours out with a view to stocking some, you could start with this crystal-set hatpin that would be perfect for a wedding. We also have this beautiful style in blue and silver for a bohemian vibe, while this rich-toned hatpin would be great in the autumn.
Why not add hatpins to your next wholesale jewellery order from Majique and see if you can capitalise on the vibe for all things vintage?