About Us

We know that there are plenty of jewellery wholesalers out there for those of you operating jewellery shops online. However, not all are created equal. Some might have low-quality products or poor customer service, adding to the everyday hassle that you could do without when you're trying to run a business.

You want the best partner for your brand and the knowledge that you have access to the best stock possible for your customers, so how do you know which supplier to choose?

Majique - The brand

This is where we come in. We know that any business is only as good as the quality of its products, which is why we pride ourselves on the high standards of our pieces. It might be costume jewellery that we offer, but that doesn't mean it can't be well-made, well-designed and created to stand out just as much as any item of fine jewellery.

Majique works with some of the world's leading craftspeople and jewellery designers to ensure we always have our finger on the pulse of what's in fashion and can bring our clients the hottest, most covetable looks.

What's more, we are a member of the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, an organisation dedicated to driving improvements in responsible and ethical business practices in global supply chains, meaning that all of our partners can enjoy working with us, wherever they are in the world.

Established in Britain in 1977, we have built a reputation for unique design, style and, of course, quality. Our jewellery has a modern, contemporary feel and we aspire to allow the wearer to really express their personality when they put on some of our pieces.

We always say that we want the wearer to be an artist - and our excellent costume jewellery provides the palette they need to be able to achieve this.

Majique for the retailer

Although our website does have direct purchase functionality, what we really love to focus on is being jewellery wholesalers to businesses that sell to the public. Whether you have a small website selling unusual brooches or operate on an online marketplace offering jewellery featuring affirmations, we can work with you to supply you with exciting new stock whenever you need it.

We'd also love to hear from you if you have a traditional 'bricks and mortar' shop selling costume jewellery exclusively or alongside other products, as many of our existing clients operate on this basis.

You might be surprised to hear that we can offer a range of services on top of allowing you to buy direct from us, including free gift packaging, point of sale materials such as metallic logos, merchandising ideas, window display suggestions, sales support and much more.

Majique for the customer

If you order wholesale fashion jewellery from us, you can be sure that what you're getting isn't dated stock that has been hanging around a warehouse for years.

We only offer the latest products and pride ourselves on following trends from the catwalks to celebrities to our social media feeds to guarantee that your customers will get Instagram-friendly pieces they'll love to show off.

Majique products are competitively priced - meaning you can corner the 'treat yourself' market - and also aimed at all ages, so there'll be something to suit everyone from teenagers to octogenarians.

We can provide a range of looks too, from contemporary and uber-modern to classic and dainty, ensuring every occasion is catered for and you're sure to have something in stock for whoever comes browsing your site or store.

You'll also find a range of metal finishes on our site, from antique brass and silver to rhodium-plated and stainless steel, allowing you to create very different looks depending on what your brand is all about.

Meet the team

We have a whole team of executives, fashion designers and client support personnel working behind the scenes here at Majique, but here are some of the people you might be working with if you join our family of clients:

Director: Pitu Suri
Director: Manu Suri
Company Secretary: Guni Suri

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We hope we've provided a brief glimpse into how working with Majique could benefit your business, but do feel free to contact us if you'd like any further information. We look forward to hearing from you!