Verity Partington

On 16 Jan, 2020
Pitu, This is a great site, easy and intuitive to use. I also appreciate being able to filter my options to see exactly what I need, whether that's by colour or theme. The products are very affordable too - in fact, the only issue is trying to narrow down which pieces of jewellery I want the most ! Verity

June S

On 27 Nov, 2019
Hi Pitu, My lovely necklaces have arrived. Thank you so much. My husband has now taken them to hide for Christmas!!! I am thrilled. Happy Christmas to you. June S

Keiea Eleni

On 02 Oct, 2019
Hi Pitu, New website is great! Keiea

Rima & Rita

On 22 Feb, 2019
Dear Pitu, Thank you so much for welcoming us and making our visit enjoyable. Please thank your colleagues too. We had fun like kids in a sweet shop. We will certainly mention you in our brochure as you have stated. Hopefully we will have many fundraisers and will be back to buy more. A big thank you from Rita and myself. Regards Rima


On 03 Dec, 2018
Hi Pitu, Thank you for your excellent support & customer service. Malin From Fifty5A - Devon


On 14 Jun, 2018
Received my order today and had a look at it tonight. I'm absolutely over the moon with it. It's beautiful, my daughter will love it for her 21st birthday present. Thank you so much.

Katherine Merrony

On 18 Apr, 2018
Hi Pitu, It is always a pleasure visiting your studio, a wonderful welcome and first class service. Katherine, Buying and Visual Manager, Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology. University of Oxford.

Naomi Crossley

On 23 Nov, 2017
You star Pitu ! Best wishes Naomi Crossley Managing Consultant


On 15 Aug, 2017
Hi Pitu, Thank you for all the information and for the amazingly quick despatch of my order. Very much appreciated. Regards Andrea Loch Sunart Jewellery

Mary & Steve

On 11 Jul, 2017
Hi Pitu, Thank you for the extra discount, much appreciated and very helpful. Thank you again for your hospitality. As always a pleasure doing business with a lovely company. Regards Mary & Steve Jules


On 28 Jun, 2017
Thanks Pitu, you are a legend ! Kind Regards Simon Narborough Hall


On 22 May, 2017
Hi Pitu, Many thanks for the high resolution jewellery images, they are perfect. Kindest regards, Krissi - Vestry Online Ltd


On 03 Apr, 2017
Thank you Pitu for your support. It is really valuable.. With kindest regards, Helen, English Style


On 31 Mar, 2017
Hello Pitu, Thanks for having us at your showroom. It was nice to meet you. Looking forward to coming back soon. Have a great weekend. Kind Regards Angela

Sales Agent Julie Cruikshanks

On 30 Jan, 2017
Hi Pitu, I have enjoyed working with Oceanic over the past twelve months. I have found there is a massive range giving customers a wide choice of different styles and trends, they have constantly offered new ranges keeping customers interested. Very competitively priced and great quality, I don't think I have had one damaged item. Orders are also dispatched very quickly. My customers have certainly liked dealing with Oceanic.

Annette Malbon

On 20 Dec, 2016
Pitu, I think Natasha must have told you that at almost 80years old. I am finally retiring and handing over the business to Natasha. Since my first visit to the old premises in Berwick St with Joseph twenty years ago, I have always enjoyed my visit to your showrooms. Thank you for your wonderful service and advice over the years. njoy your break and my love and best wishes to your family and the staff.

Belinda Henson - USA

On 23 Nov, 2016
Pitu, Please extend my thanks and appreciation to your team. much deserved and continue working with your organization.

Julie Ash

On 14 Nov, 2016
Many thanks for your fab hospitality Pitu. Kind Regards

Alice Clayton

On 14 Nov, 2016
Hi Pitu, Thank you, that is so sweet and unexpected. I really appreciate it.


On 25 Oct, 2016
Thanks so much Pitu. I love your brand.


On 19 Oct, 2016
Hello Pitu, Just to let you know that I am moving. All those years, more than 20 years actually, working with You were exciting and joyful. Thank you for your professionalism. Long and happy life.


On 17 Oct, 2016
Hi Pitu, can I say how impressed I am with all of you at Oceanic and what a pleasure it is to business with yourselves. Regards Kimberley


On 14 Oct, 2016
Hi Pitu, Appreciate your speedy reply and excellent service. Many Thanks

Caroline Reed

On 22 Jul, 2016
Hi Pitu, Your efficiency and attention to detail have always been impressive. I hope business is good, and wish you and your family all the very best.

Christine Escritt

On 21 Jul, 2016
Hi Pitu, It is always good to see you all and we had missed you.Thanks too for looking after us so well and making us so welcome. A few more companies like yours in the country- we'd have a lot more happier people. Looking forward to the next time. Kind regards Chris


On 06 Jul, 2016
Thanks so much Pitu. Very best wishes.


On 21 May, 2016
Hi Pitu, A huge big thank you so much for your kind donation of Jewellery to our charity raffle. Thanks to your generosity we were able to donate almost 400.00 to Cancer Macmillan. Many Thanks again.


On 11 May, 2016
Hi Pitu, my customers will love the 'Feelings' jewellery you are advertising on your website. I love the idea - The sister - The mother.....amazing.

Miria Creighton

On 22 Jan, 2016
Hi Pitu, Thank you for emailing me so quickly & for being so friendly.

Amanda Sinclair

On 22 Dec, 2015
Thanks Pitu, You guys are a dream to work with. Amanda Sinclair

Penelope Barnard

On 02 Dec, 2015
Hi Pitu, Thanks very much for your attention today - very nice to come to your new place. So much better atmosphere and easy to get to you in my car. I think you have made a very smart move. Very much better than slogging all the way down the awful Oxford Street and dingy Berwick Street. Nice Collection which should do well I hope. Wish you the very best and hope to see you again when I return in the Spring 2016 - April

Sophie Armstrong

On 02 Dec, 2015
Dear Pitu, Just want to say how great and easy to work the new showroom and set up is. The product looks fresh and new. We both loved the new February 2016 Programme. Thanks

Karen Paul

On 02 Dec, 2015
Hi Pitu, Thank you very much for your prompt attention. Kind Regards

E-zy Store

On 28 Oct, 2015
Good morning Pitu, Hope all is well. I have just received the samples and i am totally convinced of the quality of your products. These were very nice items. Thanks and best regards. Philip


On 25 Sep, 2015
Hi Pitu, Great chat and refreshing to have ‘ that conversation ’ with a pro-active supplier ! All the Best


On 31 Jul, 2015
Hi Pitu, Many thanks for setting up my on line account. The new website looks good. I will be in touch soon regarding an order.


On 11 Jul, 2015
Dear Pitu, It has been a pleasure for me to be a part of this great team, make the project become a reality and collaborate with you. Thank you for your trust, thank you for giving me the opportunity of evolving with you and thank you for the learning and all the things you have shared with me. My kindest regards from Barcelona.

Gemma Oakley

On 22 May, 2015
Great stuff. Thanks for your help Pitu. Have a lovely weekend. Gem


On 28 Apr, 2015
Thankyou Pitu, Your efficiency is incredible. Kind Regards Ginette


On 13 Mar, 2015
Good Morning Pitu, Thank you for the replacement. Excellent service.

Mandy Parkin-Rhodes

On 11 Mar, 2015
Thank You Pitu, t was great that you took the time to help me today, I very much appreciate it.

Nicola Drew

On 08 Jan, 2015
Hi Pitu, Thanks so much for sending over all your imagery for consideration and I must say that it looks fantastic. Kindest regards, Nicola Drew

Simon Edwards

On 22 Dec, 2014
Hi Pitu, Have a great Christmas and thanks for such great service over the year. Kind Regards Simon Edwards


On 25 Nov, 2014
Hi Pitu, Your new place looks stunning. I look forward to visiting soon. See you Soon. Sally


On 21 Nov, 2014
Dear Pitu, I am emailing to say a massive thank you for donating all the jewellery to our Charity fashion show, we raised £1630 for Breast Cancer Care. Everyone really enjoyed the event and loved the jewellery in the goodie bags, so a big thank you for supplying us. Best Wishes Emily


On 20 Nov, 2014
Ciao Pitu, Thank you so much for helping me last week, I love the new showroom in W3 - Park Royal, it has made a huge difference. Kindest regards Marco


On 18 Nov, 2014
Hi Pitu, Just want to say that I loved my whole experinece of ordering the stock, you responding straight away and being able to drive to W3 -Park Royal, park run in and collect. The whole process ran perfectly and i was not stressed at all. Love the W3 location, warehouse, layout, space, your peaceful office and chair to have a cup of tea :-) Krupa


On 18 Nov, 2014
You are brilliant, thank you Pitu! Best Wishes Sophie


On 17 Nov, 2014
Hi Pitu, Wow really impressive new location offices. Speak next week. Daniel


On 06 Oct, 2014
Dear Pitu, Thank you very much for all your help as always. Best regards Bogda . Poland

Leila Lewis

On 12 Aug, 2014
Dear Pitu, I came across your store and fell in love with your beautiful creations. I have taken your advice and have been shopping online. Kind regards, Leila Lewis


On 16 Jul, 2014
Hi Pitu, Thank you for getting my necklace back to me! It's very sentimental.

Victoria Rex

On 07 Jul, 2014
Hi Pitu, thank you received today. Excellent service. Kind Regards, Victoria Rex


On 27 Jun, 2014
Dear Pitu, Thanks again. Many thanks parcel arrived. Thanks for the supply of bags much appreciated. Jill


On 19 May, 2014
Dear Pitu, Thank you for the information - it will be very helpful whilst talking to customers about the jewellery. We never promote the pieces as hypoallergenic, but it is always good to be able to give the customer more information regarding the composition. Many thanks Lois @ DIVA TOTNES


On 09 May, 2014
Hi Pitu, Nice talking to you. You were so helpful, thank you. I am ready to do some shopping. Alex


On 09 May, 2014
Dear Pitu, Just a quick email to thank you very much indeed for sending the necklace and earrings out so quickly. They are for a customer who is taking part in the Vintage Rolls Royce Rally that happens here every year. There is a big gala dinner Dance on Saturday and that is why she wanted the necklace. She is delighted. Thanks Again. Andrea


On 29 Mar, 2014
Dear Pitu, Thank you for your time on the phone and thank you for the confirmation emails. Best Wishes, Donata


On 18 Mar, 2014
Dear Pitu, We are 100% satisfied with your products. Thank you, George


On 18 Mar, 2014
Dear Pitu, Thank you very much for your quick response. Kind Regards, Hannah


On 18 Mar, 2014
Dear Pitu, Thank you very much for sending over these photos, it is highly appreciated. Kind Regards, Beth


On 19 Feb, 2014
Dear Pitu, We Appreciate your prompt attention as always. Kindest Regards, Debbie


On 02 Jan, 2014
Pitu, I just wanted to say thank you for sorting out the replacement items before Christmas. I know your company was busy so I appreciate it. I also appreciated the extra packaging.


On 03 Dec, 2013
Hi Pitu, Thank you for your support and...patience. It is GREAT to have suppliers/partners as you.


On 27 Nov, 2013
Dear Pitu, We received the goods today. Thank you so much. We appreciate this careful processing. Thank for your heartful assistance.


On 26 Nov, 2013
Hi Pitu, It was so great to see you again after too long time ! And you were so helpful with full of ideas , we loved it. Thank you so much and looking forward to see you again.

Pat W

On 20 Nov, 2013
Hi Pitu, I knew you would be quick !! Well done !


On 17 Nov, 2013
Dear Pitu, Wow!! This is a great video to watch – I love Majique & Soho. Thank you for sharing.

Catherine Delaire

On 15 Nov, 2013
Dear Pitu, Congratulations for your Majique video.


On 27 Aug, 2013
Hi Pitu, I have just received the jewellery but I have to add I am blown away with the jewellery it is gorgeous.


On 23 Aug, 2013
Hi Pitu, Thank you for sending my order out so fast, all the items are wonderful. Thank you again for all the other great items.


On 21 Aug, 2013
Hi Pitu, Lovely to meet you yesterday, thank you so much for your hospitality and every one looking after us. It was a lovely experience. Look forward to working with you.

Susan Moffat

On 21 Aug, 2013
Hi Pitu, It was a pleasure to meet you all and you made it a wonderful experience from start to finish. We love excellent customer service and we couldnt falut yours one bit! I'd be very grateful if you can email me the images so I can put the products up on our site as soon as possible. Many Thanks Susan


On 15 Aug, 2013
Hi Pitu ,Thank you, you guys are so professional & helpful. All the very best.


On 14 Aug, 2013
Dear Pitu and everyone at Oceanic, Lucy and I would just like to say a warm thankyou. We love the jewellery and will enjoy selling them in the shop! We received our delivery yesterday and the new pieces look fantastic! Many thanks, Leigh


On 28 Jun, 2013
Thanks for the usual timeliness and accuracy It's reassuring to find suppliers like you!

Krista, Vicki & Nikki

On 19 Jun, 2013
Thank you again for your hospitality and making our buying trip such a pleasure, you really are very accommodating and kind. We, as you can see from our order, loved the new stock you had to offer and are very excited about it!


On 12 Jun, 2013
The jewellery is gorgeous, I'm very pleased.....and it's started selling straight away! But I wish I'd ordered more! Best wishes Victoria


On 21 May, 2013
Hi Pitu ,Got the order. Thanks so much for the swift service. Really love all the new stuff! So delightfully Deco. Hopefully I’ll be back for more.

Tonky Leberne

On 12 May, 2013
Hi Pitu , A treat to see you all yesterday and Bless You regarding your wishes for mummy. Have a lovely weekend. Tonky

Pamela Shiffer

On 08 May, 2013
Dear Pitu ,Thank you so much for the lovely jewellery you sent and the speed in which you sent them. It is truly appreciated! Kind regards, Pamela Shiffer.

Simon Edwards

On 24 Apr, 2013
Hi Pitu, We have just received the order, thanks- excellent service as always!

Desi Sparkle

On 10 Apr, 2013
I would like to thank you for your great customer service and the beautiful jewellery I had the opportunity of selling. Kind regards, Ashna

Samantha Gatt

On 09 Apr, 2013
Many thanks Pitu for your prompt efficiency. Jewellery is doing very well and i am ever so happy with it !

Sarah Thomson

On 04 Apr, 2013
... thank you for your patience and your fantastic stock which is selling very well!!

Natalie Daghestani

On 26 Mar, 2013
Thank you ever so much Pitu. Always speedy responses and great customer service.


On 05 Mar, 2013
We received our order today and we could not be happier. Everything is really great quality.

M Ashar

On 24 Feb, 2013
I got the parcel in good condition. The jewellery and the way all were packed was really very Nice.

Style You Party Plan

On 10 Jan, 2013
Your products are absolutely stunning and exactly what I'm looking for to stock! Warm regards Bec


On 03 Feb, 2012
It was lovely seeing you today and thank you so much for the packaging and display boxes - my table is going to look gorgeous! I cannot tell you how fast my heart is racing looking at the pieces of exquisite jewellery I got - I am over the moon - very excited! Thank you so much - it was a good day when I discovered Majique. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon and wishing you a lovely and warm weekend. With kind regards Sian

Maargie and David Hume

On 20 Dec, 2011
Dear Team Oceanic Thank you for the lovely champagne , which is very much appreciated. It was so nice to see you all when we came into the showroom. It was great to see you ALL putting your skills together to achieve such obvious success. We like to think we too have instilled the same work ethics as yours in our own family. We will raise our glasses of bubbly on Christmas Day & wish you all the very best for the New Year ! with Kind regards Maargie & David Hume

Neil A

On 13 May, 2011
With silver and gold at crazy all time highs customers are leaning towards fashion jewellery as it looks even more affordable in comparison. However, they still demand high quality at reasonable prices. Oceanic jewellers has just this: Fantastic products and great service! Our store has stocked Majique jewellery for many years now and have always received fast and efficient service. This combined with their massive range high quality products that are updated seasonally make for winning success.


On 09 Mar, 2011
Your website makes it very easy to buy. The pictures are great and the follow up on orders from your team superb. I love the site because I can't be in London as often as I would need to, so it makes life much easier. To have your catalogue within reach every time, especially when you want fast selling items like yours, is really convenient. Keep up the great work!

Laura P

On 01 Mar, 2011
The Majique website has a huge jewellery selection which is continually updated with new arrivals. It is a customer-friendly site, simple and very easy to navigate. Order confirmations are received the same day and we are advised about any lines 'sold out' or discontinued the same day as orders are placed. Delivery times are very good, usually within 2 days of placing orders.