Wedding & Bridal Jewellery

Fashion jewellery retailers: Step in and help brides with their big day

There are so many things for brides to consider before their big day, from where to host the reception to what flowers to choose - and, of course, there's the dress.

But another significant factor that plays a big part in the bride's overall look is bridal jewellery. Unfortunately, this can often get left until the last minute amid all the excitement, which can lead to frustration and shoppers not always getting exactly what they would have chosen.

At Majique, we firmly believe that every bride should be beautifully and tastefully embellished with eye-catching jewellery on their special day. After all, while the wedding rings might be all-important, other jewellery is in the photos for evermore too - brides will want it to look good.

What's more, for many, bridal jewellery is the perfect opportunity to make their day personal and to express a little bit of their own personality. That's why we'd recommend that jewellery retailers add plenty of suitable wedding accessories to their portfolio of stock.

You might assume that only fine jewellery is going to be suitable for weddings, but that's no longer the case in the 21st century. Today, brides want to appear as on-trend and contemporary as they would in their everyday lives, albeit with a classic and elegant twist.

That's where costume jewellery such as that offered by Majique can come in. Our collection of pieces available to our wholesale buyers represents the perfect balance between quality and fashion - and it's all available at great prices.

Here are a few reasons why you might want to consider Majique when stocking up on bridal jewellery for your business.

Budget buys

We've seen so many royal weddings recently and it's understandable that brides would want to copy their idols. However, with recent research from Brides magazine showing that the average wedding in 2018 cost £30,111, many brides just won't have the budget for designer pieces.

However, if they are able to afford fantastic-looking items because they're listed at great prices, they can still get an A-list look on a high street budget. Our accessories are all specially-designed to look like the designer jewellery they emulate, meaning no one will know there's a cubic zirconia necklace on show as opposed to real diamonds.

It's all about balance, and if you can offer amazing jewellery on a budget, then brides are sure to thank you for it.

Suitable for the time of year

There isn't really a formula that dictates that brides have to have a certain type of wedding jewellery because they're getting married at a certain time of year. However, many fashionistas will want to coordinate their accessories with the seasons. For example, summer brides might be looking for sparkly floral necklaces to complement the blooms all around them.

On the other hand, winter brides getting hitched in a castle in mid-winter may want a dramatic embellished choker, particularly if they have an on-trend gown with colour in it.

Hair adornments

Many brides opt for a small veil these days, or even none at all. It's likely that they will want something with which to adorn their hair - and Majique has plenty of hair jewellery too. From sparkly headbands to shimmering clips, we have plenty to stock up your shop and ensure they feel like princesses.

Fit for the whole party

We've only spoken about the bride so far, but there are some other important members of the party to consider. Many couples surprise their bridesmaids or mums with jewellery to wear on the big day, and this can be a costly business.

Not with Majique, though! We have such an extensive range of costume jewellery in stock that you'll find plenty to suit everyone. You could go for matching pearl bracelets for the maids, for instance, or cubic zirconia necklaces for the mother of the bride.

Whatever they choose, your brides will be able to make their guests feel special without breaking the bank.

As you can see, we have a wide range of suitable wedding jewellery. Why not have a browse while you think about what might suit your shop, whether you're a specialist in accessories or a bridal boutique seeking to extend your range?

And as ever, feel free to contact us if you're in need of assistance, since we have plenty of experience in helping our clients in this area.

Do feel free to contact us if you'd like any further information. We look forward to hearing from you!