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Jewellery Sets

Jewellery Sets: Perfectly coordinated for fast fashion

It's great fun to pick and choose individual necklaces and earrings for your customer base - here at Majique, we know that as well as anyone.
However, there are times when you just need costume jewellery that's made from exactly the same materials and looks like it's fully coordinated - in short, you need a set.
Some of your customers will perhaps prefer to purchase sets of jewellery that feature necklaces and earrings because it saves them the hassle of having to match pieces together - if items are on your website or shop floor in a box, they're obviously going to work well with one another, which takes away the guesswork.
Sets might also be an ideal option if you have a customer base that's perhaps not as au fait with styling accessories or they're more traditional, which may be the case if you stock jewellery as part of a gift shop, for example.
And don't forget the customer who's in a hurry and simply wants to visit your store, pick up jewellery for a particular event and dash out again - sets will be great in this instance.
We're wholesale costume jewellery specialists here at Majique, so we know the importance of keeping a good set in stock. We can offer a range of different styles, from on-trend layered necklaces and matching earrings, to simpler sets suitable for workwear. And don't forget statement sets like this one, guaranteed to turn heads!
Feel free to contact us if you need further advice on wholesale or want more details on stocking any of our items.