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The Majique sells exquisite fashion jewellery at unbeatable prices and irresistible discounts. Visit the Majique jewellery store or shop online at , where a huge range of magnificent imitation jewellery of every type imaginable awaits your admiring examination. Find instances of jewel collection from category adorning our website.

Trade Jewellery Suppliers

Majique proudly stands as one of the most prominent trade jewellery suppliers that supplies jewellery to the fashionable world. Since 1977, the are in the business of wholesale jewellery and have scaled enormous heights by now. The company has become one of the most trusted names, when it comes to trade jewellery supplies. Reliable quality and unshakable principles have helped us win over our clients. Join hands with us and take your jewellery business to the next level.

Shop on Oceanic Website
The Oceanic website is your online working shop. It contains all the information you need. View and select products from our current and continuing fashion collections. Safe and Secure, the site is easy to use.

Using the Website

Log on to, go to the registration page and complete. Logon with your unique password, which will be mailed to you by administrator.

Enter your order on the 'Wish List' button. This allows you to store your orderin memory for easy reference.

Pricing and Trade discounts
  • Please note all prices on website are per unit and are the same as those in showroom.
  • When looking at the pictures on the site please take into account your trade discount.
  • Your normal trade discount applies for all e-commerce as well as telephone, cash and carry purchasing.
  • The discount does not show on your shopping cart all the time.

Product Search Facility

If you are looking to find more variations and styles of a particular Reference group. Enter the first 3 or 4 digits of a reference number into the product search field.

Example: MAS-07IN
Enter: MAS or MAS-0

You will be given all the pages, which contain this collection. The page numbers to view are on the bottom of the screen.

For any further query contact us at: