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Wholesale Fashion Necklaces
If there's one type of jewellery that can have a huge impact on any outfit, it's a necklace. A simple chain is all it takes to elevate a look and really help the wearer feel polished.
Statement necklaces will dress up even the simplest T-shirts, while something more delicate might add an ideal finishing touch to an outfit hand-picked for a special occasion.
That's why, as jewellery retailers, you should aim to keep as wide a range of necklaces in stock as possible. Catering for all tastes and all occasions - not to mention different seasons - should really help to establish you as a go-to shop for accessories.
For example, pearl necklaces will suit all ages and look lovely in spring, while festival jewellery and natural materials like turquoise and coral coordinate beautifully with summer season clothing.
We also love Peter Pan-style collars and metal chokers for autumn and winter workwear - and a diamante necklace will never go out of fashion against an LBD!
Majique are wholesale costume jewellery suppliers based in the UK and, whether you want dainty necklaces or real show-stoppers, you're sure to find them in our stunning collections.
Take a look at our latest arrivals below, select themes in the drop-down menu to the right - and don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about any of our necklaces.


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