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Ring the changes by stocking up at Majique

The history of rings can be traced back to the Ancient Egyptians, and women and men have been enjoying them as both fashion statements and highly symbolic items of jewellery ever since.
Today, we of course sport wedding and engagement rings as part of our everyday repertoire, but it's also fun to add a cheap fashion ring or two in order to brighten up an outfit and give us a boost each time we look down.
If you're a jewellery or gift retailer, it's worth keeping a good supply of rings in stock because they're incredibly versatile and can be worn in lots of ways. They're also something people might pick up on a whim, so they could be a quick and easy way to boost your profits.
Don't just stick to one type or style, though - mix and match to suit all ages, tastes and occasions, keeping in mind that fashion rings can tie together other pieces of jewellery already being worn. Remember too that people might want to wear rings across each finger, sport one statement piece on each hand, or even stack them for a modern and funky finish.
If you want some good basics to start with, look towards a cocktail ring like this style - which could really dazzle on a night out - or rings with semi-precious stones to provide a splash of colour.
For summer, we adore seeing silver-toned rings alongside those set with turquoise and coral for a real hippy chic vibe.
Finally, don't ignore the trend for stacking - you might want to add pieces like an infinity ring, one with a bow and a simple gold-toned ring for customers to pick between and put together.
At Majique, we have a huge array of fashion rings available for those of you who want to buy jewellery wholesale in the UK. Feel free to browse by style, finish, colour or price using the drop-down menus - and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any help.