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For many men, the talk of jewellery is enough to bring them out in a cold sweat, with images of rings, necklaces and bracelets flashing before their eyes in quick succession. It is not so much the jewellery itself that is the problem, but rather the act of buying it, which relies on a number of factors all going right.

The reliance on all these variables is what pushes some men over the edge, with the colour, jewel type, size and a number of other things just too much to handle. However, this does not have to be the case, as there are plenty of hints and tips that men can follow to ensure they buy the right jewellery with the right gemstone, and make their partner very happy.

Our new infographic takes men through every stage of the buying process, starting with how to get a feel for the type of jewellery their partner likes. Although it may seem obvious, many men are still neglecting to do basic research before buying jewellery - something that could range from raiding their jewellery box (discreetly), to looking at the kind of celebrities they emulate and studying their jewellery choices.

Of course, this research can only take you so far, as there are plenty of physical factors that need to be considered before you buy. Body shape and skin tone must be taken into account before you settle on any type of jewellery, as even the best laid plans can come unstuck if something simply does not suit the recipient of the gift.

For women with lighter skin, metals and silvers are the best bet, while block colours tend to complement darker tones. Similarly, considering face shape is a must when buying things such as necklaces, with longer chains suiting strong jawlines and tighter chains suiting rounder faces.

When it comes to parting with cash, the age-old saying "it's the thought that counts" means nothing with jewellery - if you go cheap, your partner will know, with a quick Google search telling her precisely how much you've spent. Go for a good quality jewel (for example, choosing a pearl with a thick nacre) and remember the occasion - diamond rings mean marriage, after all.

After the hard work is done, it's simply a case of setting the scene and the mood, which is detailed in full in our infographic. If you've gone to all the effort of choosing and buying the perfect item of jewellery, then delivering it to her needs the same amount of care and attention.

Incense, mood lighting, candles and flowers will all combine to create the perfect atmosphere, while wearing a sharp suit will top it off. Check out our infographic for details on how to make your partner's heart melt, and head to our website for further hints and tips on making the purchase a special one.

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<a title="The Men's Guide to Buying Women's Jewellery" href="/the-mens-guide-to-buying-womens-jewellery/">The Men's Guide to Buying Women's Jewellery</a>