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"The gems have life in them: their colours speak, say what words fail of." George Eliot

For that resplendent day of your life; the day of which you have been dreaming since long; the day when you will be the like the jewel in the crown; the day when you wish to shimmer and shine above the rest, the more you prepare, the less it seems.

Intricately carved bridal embellishments make the 'diva' of the day look exceptionally awe-inspiring. Unlike the casual accessories, the wedding jewellery expends tremendous measure of labour as well as skill. Meticulous sculpt, high precision and the choicest of embellishing stones make a perfect wear

Majique, the trademark of the Oceanic Jewellers Ltd., comprises of an exhaustive collection of nuptial night jewellery. Your bridal dress clubbed together with an intricately designed choker necklace makes you complete for the occasion of your life.