Jewellery Care


How to help your customers care for their costume jewellery

Fashion jewellery might not be designed to keep for decades as heirlooms like fine jewellery, but you still want your customers getting the best value they can from the accessories they buy from you.

That's why we recommend offering jewellery care tips on your website and in-store, in order to allow them to keep their costume jewellery looking great for as long as possible.

After all, cheap costume jewellery is more likely to be worn day in, day out than expensive items, which means it's more likely to need a little TLC every so often if it is to retain its sparkle.

Fashion jewellery will also benefit just as much from cleaning - and by offering advice to the people browsing your site or shop on how to look after it, you'll be demonstrating that you're a caring retailer that wants the best from them, as opposed to simply wanting them to order as much as possible.

So, how best to go about this? Majique has put together some of our top tips that could help you to get started.

Care advice sheets to pick up or download

It's always helpful when websites offer useful information as well as just products, but marketing research shows that downloadable content published on a site can actually help to raise a business's profile and build trust in their brand, too.

That's why you as a retailer could really benefit from offering a costume jewellery care sheet free for people to click on and keep (or pick up in real life if they're in a bricks and mortar store) that provides advice on how best to care for fashion accessories.

It should include tips like always taking off fashion jewellery when swimming, bathing, washing up and cleaning, as well as prior to applying perfume or lotion.

This will prevent harsh chemicals affecting the finish or dissolving any glues, as well as the unsightly colour changes that can occur with too much exposure to water and oxygen.

It could also offer advice on using a soft toothbrush or cotton bud and a dab of baking soda or baby shampoo mixed with water to clean the jewellery periodically, as well as suggestions on how often to do so.

Putting advice together like this in a professional-looking resource will help to demonstrate your excellence as a brand and build this association with your products, meaning potential customers see them as a step above your competitors'.

Offer jewellery care products

Although most costume jewellery will not need specialist cleaning solutions - as discussed above - you might consider adding a section to your site or shop providing extras like microfibre cleaning cloths or very small brushes to aid with the cleaning process.

This can not only act as a valuable upsell for your business, but is also handy for the customer, who will not need to visit separate retailers in order to make such purchases and so will feel they have received a valuable service.

It's this type of added extra that can keep people coming back for more products from you in the long term.

Provide storage solutions

The way in which costume jewellery is stored can have an impact on its longevity, so remember to make suggestions on your care sheets about putting pieces away separately from each other to keep them looking great.

You might even want to add storage items such as jewellery boxes or zippered fabric bags to your product portfolio, as this again will build trust in your brand and encourage customers to see you as a one-stop shop for all their jewellery needs.

Running a jewellery retail business is about more than simply making sales. Going the extra mile and providing advice and assistance too can really help you to stand out above your competitors in a crowded marketplace.

Feel free to contact us to discuss other great ways of helping your customers.